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Creativity, professionalism and appropriate selection of the products used are references in Universal Beauty Spa in the various options of our beauty services. Visit us at the center of Almancil ...




Paraffin Treatments


Permanent Hair Removal

Eyelashes and Eyebrows Colour

Eyelash Extensions


  • The perfect choice for those who always dreamed of having longer eyelashes, thick and curved without using a mask.A very relaxing treatment that takes around two hours in the 1st application and 30 to 60 minutes during maintenance. The extensions are glued one by one on your own and the result is a natural looking, lightweight and comfortable. They can last about 3 to 4 weeks without maintenance depending on if certain precautions were followed and the natural cycle. As the gel nails recommend maintaining an average of 3 in 3 weeks.

Bio Sculpture Gel Nails Gel

  • Bio Sculpture Gel ®
    This gel does not damage your nails, treatment is a healthy, comfortable, natural-looking and flexible.
    This technique makes the nails grow stronger and healthier, you need not grind your fingernails or use drills. This application is tough but flexible and does not splinter.It has several permanent colours and best of all is that Bio Sculpture ® Gel is removed with a liquid itself in less than 20 minutes without the use of drill and without damaging the natural nail leaving it intact without signs of infection, thus avoiding any gel .