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Facial Treatments

An unforgettable treatment, a feeling of extreme efficiency and absolute well-being, with unique techniques DECLÉOR.
All treatments include:
Deep cleaning of the skin with extraction + Aroma Pressure, Aroma Drainage, Aroma Massage (which provide deep relaxation and elimination of toxins) + mask and hydration.



Decléor Rituals


  Multi-vitamin mask suitable for every skin type. This 100%  natural facial mask retrieves and highlights the beauty and brightness of your face.

Men Skin Care

  • Treatment designed exclusively for men leaving the skin clean, fresh, smooth and purified.

Aroma Expert Hydra Force

  • Treatment for extremely dehydrated skin regardless of skin type. Revitalizes intensely, immediately relaxes the skin and quenches thirst, provides continuous hydration and balance.

Aroma Expert Mate Pure

  • Treatment for oily and mixed types of skin. Purifies and absorbs impurities. Rebalances, limiting the production of sebum and refines skin texture regaining its beauty.

Aroma Expert Délice de Peau

  • Treatment for skin with lack of comfort and dryness.Hydrates, deeply nourishes, increases, comforts and strengthens the skin's resistance against external aggression.
Aroma Expert Harmonie Douceur Extréme
  • Treatment for sensitive and strained skin. This decongests the skin, a softening soothing sensation of heat, that is marvel for very sensitive skin. This helps to block the mechanisms responsible for these reactions.

Aroma Expert Évidence

  • Treatment for early signs of aging can start from the age of 30 for a smooth, comfortable and radiant skin.

Aroma Expert Liss´âge Excellence

  • Treatment for mature skin from the age of 50. Correction of wrinkles and firm skin for a smoother, firmer and regenerated skin.


Experience Anti- Idade

  • Deep cleansing treatment for mature skin with detoxifying anti-aging effect.

Efeito Botox

  • Anti-aging mask with double-action anti-wrinkle and firming in effect similar to botox. With this innovative mask we get a double skin smooth, relaxed and a decrease of deep wrinkles.


Epecific treatments

Laser Lift
  • A light of beauty that works directly on wrinkles designed to stimulate the micro circulation of blood and lymphatic circulation. Streamlines the connection of new cells with bio-stimulant effect, regenerative, contributing to better grip of your face lifting effect.


  • Treatment with combined action of vacuum pump with deep cleansing with natural micro-crystals. Has the effect of stimulation of the skin associated with hyperemia, and benefits as a process of regeneration of the skin to the deeper layer. Improves the function of the microcirculation, increasing the production of elastin and calógeneo toning and promotes skin rejuvenation. Reduces pigmentation spots, lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, acne scars ...